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First Rate Vantage streamlines deal flow management, investor relations, and fundraising. Managing the accounting and reporting for investors through multiple rounds can be challenging. Add to this monitoring portfolio company KPIs and financial data – and spreadsheets or multiple systems – and the process quickly becomes error-prone and inefficient. Vantage offers you the tools to manage multiple series and investment accounting types (equity, debt, preferred, etc.).

Vantage Research Management enables you to build financial statements, key ratios and metrics, and related analysis to monitor KPIs on portfolio companies. Then, through Vantage Insight – our investor portal – this information and other investor reports are easily accessible.


Workflow & Communication

Simplified workflow to enhance the communication and reduce the load of investor relations team.



Measurement and analysis of long-term value creation and company growth to Improve investor confidence.


World Class

Portfolio company operations, performance attribution, and analysis from multiple perspectives.


Decision Making

Robust tools to research and manage buyout investments for teams of all sizes with centralized data storage.

Vantage’s Venture Capital Software Stack

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Vantage’s investor portal enables investors & investment managers to monitor activity and report on investments while providing near real-time communication between investor & manager.

Vantage Portfolio Accounting enables general partners to manage and monitor portfolio investments in addition to performing investment analysis and reporting.

Vantage’s deal manager streamlines the stages of a deal, enhances due diligence, reduces costs, and expedites the deal flow process.

Vantage’s partnership accounting manages all of the complex transactions and accounting from both a GP and an LP perspective, as well as for all types of single- and multi-class partnerships.

Vantage’s fundraising portal automates investor onboarding by reducing clerical errors, speeding funding, and ensuring compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

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