Partnership Accounting

Vantage’s Partnership Accounting (Vantage Investor™) effortlessly manage up-to investor information, perform partnership accounting and allocation, robust waterfall calculation workflow, report generation and distribution

Partnership Accounting

Vantage Investor

Gaining and retaining the confidence of your clients requires uncompromised investor servicing and contact relationship management (CRM). Investors in private investment funds have come to expect service excellence as a prerequisite to doing business. At the same time, private investment managers must meet increased business demands for improved operational efficiency an transparency. As a result, powerful document and relationship management are essential capabilities investment managers can no longer do without.

Dynamic Functionality

Vantage’s Partnership Accounting lets you choose and customize the functionality you need to manager your investor relationships and communications. Now you can leverage flexible and integrated marketing and investor servicing capabilities.

  • Support complex account, fund and contact relationship management
  • Robust waterfall calculation workflow
  • Perform investor profiling, capital flow monitoring, and compliance reporting
  • Ability to track both cash and non cash transactions like income, loss, interest, etc…
  • Manage side letter arrangements
  • A Web interface for limitless scalability
  • Generate capital call notice, distribution notice and quarterly investor statements
  • Automatically distribute reports via e-mail, Web, or an online portal
  • Manage fundraising and prospect tracking
  • Generate ACH reports

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

Vantage’s partnership accounting takes marketing and investor relations to a whole new level.

Our comprehensive Web-enabled reporting allows you to meet increasingly rigorous compliance demands to document your investment activities on behalf of your business, firm and investors.

  • Ability to download and post investor capital account activity and resulting NAVs
  • Dynamic/robust ad-hoc reporting
  • Multiple addresses and wiring instructions to manage capital flows with ease
  • Import/export to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and graphical reporting
  • Automated report distribution via mail, e-mail, or an online portal
  • Mass mailings with a wide assortment of templates that can be shared and modified

Sophisticated Contact and Document Management

Vantage’s Partnership Accounting simplifies the process of tracking partners, current and prospective investors and communication to their related contacts. Leverage a hierarchical matrix of accounts, contacts, and preferred contact methods to allow searching, analysis, and reporting for individual entities or logical groupings.

Centralize and manage deal documents to enhance your investor relations including full text search. Streamline communications by integrating with Microsoft Outlook.

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