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Vantage InsightTM is Industry’s most trusted Real Estate Investor Portal Software with a state of the art data-warehouse and business-intelligence interface setting new standards for intuitive, graphical reporting and performance analysis of investment activities. Built exclusively for Real Estate firms, our Investor Portal allow users to carryout performance analysis at both fund and underlying property level. Finally, you can now Impress investors by delivering key performance metrics, review property financials and securely access documents via a easy-to-use investor portal.

Integrated Real Estate Investment Management

Highly intuitive graphical reporting and performance analysis of investment activities designed specifically for private real estate offerings. Fully integrated with our CRM and Accounting software


Intuitive Analysis &

The Real Estate Edition of our Investor Portal allows you to create your own dashboards & reports in real-time using Business Intelligence features. Increase overall productivity and efficiency by automating manual procedures


Secure Documents &
Powerful Calculation Engine

Using our Real Estate Investor Portal you can now secure document access anytime, anywhere and on any device. Shift to a more scalable, secure solution that can perform complex analytical calculations in seconds

Recent updates to Vantage’s investor service platform have streamlined our processes significantly, especially during quarterly investor updates and annual tax reporting

-Gabriel Bousbib, Arel Capital

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