Private Equity

Vantage Software is one of the leading private equity software provider. We have been serving private equity clients for the past 15+ years.

Vantage Software offers the only modular applications designed to capture and enhance the unique qualities that give your private investment and services a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Innovative Solution for Private Equity Firms

At Vantage Software, we have leveraged our deep understanding of alternative investment operations to develop the industry’s first modular applications that support the unique way you do business. This unparalleled design of flexibility delivers a distinct business advantages to :

  • Private Equity Firms
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Real Estate Firms
  • Fund of Funds & Investment Advisors

Vantage applications allow you to automate, consolidate and analyze information like never before.  Encompassing the alternative investment life cycle from investor marketing and servicing to accounting, reporting and deal management. Our solutions take your infrastructure to the next level.

Private Equity Software - Business Benefits

  • Robust tools to research and manage buyout investments for teams of all sizes
  • Measurement and analysis of long term value creation and company growth
  • Performance attribution and analysis from multiple perspectives
  • Portfolio company operations and leverage monitoring
  • Simplified workflow to enhance the communication and reduce the load of investor relations team
  • Improve investor confidence
  • Centralized data storage to track and manage up-to date information

Streamlined Workflow & Communication

Increased Transparency

World Class Reporting

Informed Decision Making

Private Equity Software Products

Investor Portal

Vantage's Investor Portal (Vantage Insight) enables investors and investment managers to effectively monitor their investments efficiently and securely at their convenience

Deal Flow Management

Vantage's Deal Flow Management (Vantage Deal Suite) enables to manage the pipeline, deal life cycle and operation performance with powerful online collaboration and reporting tools.

Partnership Accounting

Vantage's Partnership Accounting (Vantage Investor) allows to effortlessly manage up-to investor information, perform partnership accounting, report generation and distribution

Portfolio Accounting

Vantage Portfolio Accounting enables general partners to manage and monitor portfolio investments, perform investment analysis and reporting

Electronic Signature

Vantage's (Vantage eDocSign) automates the investor on-boarding process through a simplified workflow from marketing to closing

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