Vantage’s Private Equity Software

Modular Applications designed to deliver
a Competitive Edge to your Private Equity Investments.

Automate, Consolidate, & Analyze Private Equity Data Like Never Before!

First Rate Vantage helps you manage the entire fund lifecycle of private equity funds — from fundraising, deal flow management, and commitment to fee management, capital calls, final distribution, and close.

Replace cumbersome and error-prone spreadsheets with true partnership and portfolio accounting software that ensures greater efficiency in managing the complex accounting, waterfall structures, fees, and reporting of private equity. As a private equity investor/limited partner, our investor portal gives you instant visibility into fund holdings, transactions, performance, and other information that keeps you fully informed.

Whether you are a GP or an LP, you’ll be thrilled by Vantage Software’s clear and flexible reports, including ILPA-recommended reports, income statements, balance sheets, fee disclosures, schedule of investments, and individual capital account statements.


Streamlined Workflow & Communication

Simplified workflow to enhance the communication and reduce the load of investor relations team.



Measurement and analysis of long-term value creation and company growth to Improve investor confidence.


World Class

Portfolio company operations, Performance attribution and analysis from multiple perspectives.


Decision Making

Robust tools to research and manage buyout investments for teams of all sizes with centralized data storage.

Vantage’s Private Equity Software Stack

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Vantage’s Investor Portal (Vantage Insight) enables investors and investment managers to effectively monitor their investments efficiently and securely at their convenience.

Vantage Portfolio Accounting enables general partners to manage and monitor portfolio investments, perform investment analysis and reporting.

Vantage’s Deal Flow Management (Vantage Deal Suite) enables to manage the pipeline, deal life cycle and operation performance with powerful online collaboration and reporting tools.

Vantage’s Partnership Accounting (Vantage Investor) allows to effortlessly manage up-to investor information, perform partnership accounting, report generation and distribution.

Vantage’s fundraising automates the investor on-boarding process through a simplified workflow from marketing to closing. An Intuitive software solution to simplify your capital raising process.

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