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Robust Investment Management Software

First Rate Vantage lets you focus on what you do best – sourcing and managing real estate – and leaves investor communication, accounting, and reporting to us. Replace cumbersome and error-prone spreadsheets with true investor accounting software that ensures greater efficiency in managing the complex accounting, waterfall structures, fees, and transactions inherent to real estate funds and direct investments.

Analyze property profitability, income yields, and performance returns by region, strategy, and unit size, supporting investor participation in funds or directly in properties through complex vehicles. Leverage actual and projected portfolio performance reporting from acquisition or from development to recapitalization.


Superior investment decision making and analysis


Rapid implementation with turnkey solutions


Intuitive performance analysis and reporting


Superior “hands-on” client support for maximum investor confidence

Vantage’s Real Estate Software Stack

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Vantage’s investor portal enables investors & investment managers to monitor activity and report on investments while providing near real-time communication between investor & manager.

Vantage’s deal manager streamlines the stages of a deal, enhances due diligence, reduces costs, and expedites the deal flow process.

Vantage’s partnership accounting manages all of the complex transactions and accounting from both a GP and an LP perspective, as well as for all types of single- and multi-class partnerships.

Vantage’s fundraising portal automates investor onboarding by reducing clerical errors, speeding funding, and ensuring compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

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