Investor Portal

Vantage’s Investor Portal enables investors and investment managers to effectively monitor their investments efficiently and securely at their convenience.

Investor Portal

Vantage Insight

Vantage’s Investor Portal (Vantage Insight™) is a state of the art data-warehouse and business-intelligence platform for intuitive, graphical reporting and performance analysis of investment activities.

Investor Portal aggregates data across assets, funds, strategies or any other dimension for summary or drill-down analysis, from investor portfolio’s through funds, assets and their operating results.

Investor Portal enables to consolidate data across the firm into a single repository.

Dynamic Functionality

Vantage Investor Portal doesn’t just provide access to data; it leverages all of your underlying databases, pulling data from each system and organizing it in whatever manner suits your users.

Vantage Investor Portal gives your investors, management, and staff the power to analyze data across systems into meaningful investment information.


  • Helps to strengthen client relationships through improved communications
  • Provides in-depth information for asset valuations
  • Provides management with a high level business perspective
  • Helps user analyze holdings to support decision making
  • Help to increase transparency for investors
  • Enables 24X7 investor self service to enhance their confidence and reduce the load on investor relation team
  • Improves staff productivity by streamlining access to data
  • Leverages the processing power of Vantage Performance Engine to calculate performance metrics in seconds.
  • Enables secure document access including capital call notices, distribution notices, K1 documents etc…
  • Since data is in the cloud, users can login from anywhere in the world

Powerful Performance Calculations

The Vantage Performance Engine offers industry-changing, patented performance analysis platform.

The Vantage Investor Portal’s Performance Engine includes:

  • Powerful Performance Calculations Analysis of performance by asset, fund, industry, region, strategy and deal professional or any other factor
  • Multiple-level sort, filter and group performance calculations to meet any reporting requirement
  • Patented technology provides unparalleled speed of results for any investment combinations
  • Net or Gross, Realized and Unrealized internal rate of return calculations (IRR’s), plus investment multiples and time weighted returns (TWR’s)
  • Intuitive interface suitable for easy use by executives, investments teams and investor

Sophisticated Analysis and Reporting Capabilities

Vantage Investor Portal helps users answer questions quickly by overlaying data stores and consolidating data through a powerfully flexible yet intuitive user interface.

Users can:

  • Get an instant view and quick analysis of holdings at any time, without having to wait for quarterly reports
  • Feel comfortable using Vantage Investor Portal because the look and feel can be tailored to user preferences
  • Go from a summary view to in-depth detail of individual holdings quickly and easily provide client-specific performance measurement and reporting

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