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Vantage InsightTM  offers investors and general partners one central hub for all reporting and performance analysis of investment activities. The Insight investor portal aggregates data across assets, funds, strategies, or any other dimension for summary or drill-down analysis, including everything from investor portfolios down through funds, assets, and their operating results. Insight also provides near real-time communication between investor and manager.


Dynamic Functionality

Access all investment activities through highly intuitive graphical reporting and performance analysis. General partners can quickly get a summary or drill-down analysis and consolidation of firm-wide aggregate data. Investors can access information on summary holdings or the details of any specific investment.


Powerful Performance Calculations

Sort, filter, and group performance calculations at multiple levels to meet any reporting requirement. Perform complex analytical calculations and fetch accurate results at an unparalleled speed.


Onboarding and Due Diligence

Vantage Insight also serves as your hub for fundraising and investor onboarding. This reduces clerical errors, speeds funding, and ensures compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

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