Vantage Investor – transform the way you manage Partnership Accounting

Vantage Investor – Our partnership accounting software is now a single, cohesive system that is integrated with a robust CRM and Investor Portal.

Vantage Investor

By centralizing your accounting and integrating with Vantage Insight – our Investor Portal, Vantage Investor allows end-to-end information flow and ensures that investors get their statements in a matter of minutes

What other features make Vantage Investor a powerful partnership accounting system to drive reporting ?

  • In built CRM Module
    • Comes with an in-built CRM module to manage up-to date prospects, contacts and investors along with their email preferences
  • Manage email templates
    • Now you can easily  manage email templates and add new ones from the same interface
  • Send branded emails to your contacts & track email statistics
    • Allows you to directly send branded emails to your contacts and also track the open rates and other email statistics
  • Manage funds & feeder funds based on commitments or units
    • Supports master and feeder funds structure. Also system allows you to manage funds based on commitment or units.
  • Carryout partnership allocation & accounting
    • You don’t need excel anymore. System will allows you to manage contribution and distributions with ease.
  • Carryout transfers
    • Manage investor ownership transfers
  • Robust waterfall calculation
    • Flexible and robust waterfall calculation module to reduce your dependence on excel.
  • Report generation & distributions
    • Generate branded reports and distribute them with ease.
  • Advanced BI reporting capabilities
    • Highly intuitive Business Intelligence reporting and performance analysis of investment activities.
  • Integrated with investor portal
    • Integrated with Vantage Insight – Industry’s most preferred Investor Portal
  • Bulk import and export capabilities
    • Import/export-able to Microsoft Excel for further analysis
  • Outlook integration to sync emails and contacts
    • Sync your contacts and emails outlook
  • Manage underlying investments & their valuations
    • Track underlying investments and their valuations.
  • Manage underlying investment’s financials
    • Manage underlying KPIs of your underlying investments.
  • API access
    • Get complete API Access


Our Development Center is Certified: SOC2, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and CMMI 3