5 Reasons to upgrade your Investor Portal

Impress your current investors and prospects with a lot less effort with Vantage Insight – Industry’s most trusted Investor Portal!

investor portal upgrade reasons

In this time of uncertainty, what could be more important than keeping your investors informed and up-to-date.

  1. Enhance investor experience & transparency:
    a. Innovative and easy to use portal.
    b. Conduct exposure analysis to understand investment risk.
  2. Strengthen client relationships through improved communications:
    a. On-time reporting and reduced manual intensive processes.
    b. Enables 24X7 investor self-service to provide up-to-date information.
  3. Robust dashboard capabilities with sophisticated analysis and reporting:
    a. Analyze data across multiple strategies into meaningful investment information
    b. Calculate performance metrics in seconds.
  4. Secure investor portal with document access & fund raising capabilities:
    a. 3rd party certified secure portal & infrastructure
    b. Enable secure access to documents
    c. Streamline the fund raising process
  5. Outstanding customer service:
    a. Nimble & customer success driven
    b. Easy to reach and amazing customer service


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