Vantage Software wins accolades at our recent Customer Feedback Survey!

Even though we receive and measure feedback on individual support tickets, we believe that a ticket represents only a single frame in the whole customer relationship. We believe an annual survey is a more powerful indicator of overall success precisely because it captures the entire experience, from the account management to the daily support to the quarterly business reviews and so on.

This year’s survey, which covered the 2019 fiscal year, saw a record number of responses from our global customer base. We were overwhelmed by the continued high ratings and the thoughtful feedback.

Here is a quick summary on it.

We’d asked our customers how they felt about our product and services and invited them to provide us constructive feedback.

Customer Experience

All of our customers said that they would recommend our products to others and gave us amazing ratings across various aspects like customer service , business knowledge, product delivery and proactive suggestions and solutions.

When asked about our product Vantage Insight – Our flagship Investor Portal Software customers raved out our product features and customer support. They also said they were able to go to market faster and had significant cost savings with our tools. The enhanced customer service and increased output for the same burn rate were also given due credit by almost all of our customers.


We take this moment to thank all our customers who placed their trust in us.

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