A Private Equity and Real Estate Accounting Solution for QuickBooks

Vantage Investor is a Partnership and Portfolio Accounting solution that integrates with QuickBooks.

Robust Partnership Accounting solution to simplify your accounting and investor relation activities

Save time and money by automating your complex accounting process with our Vantage Investor solution

Vantage IR - QB Integration
Vantage Investor + QuickBooks Integration

Keep up-to date investor information in finger tips

Simplify Partnership Accounting

Automate Report Generation Process​

Vantage Investor provides convenience through QuickBooks integration.

Forget your excel files, Vantage Investor can manage your investor-contact relationships, perform partnership allocations, generate and distribute reports directly in QuickBooks.

Because it’s all in the cloud, it’s also available on the go.

Keep your investor info up-to-date

Manage your up-to-date investor and contact information to provide enhanced customer service.

Generate report

Seamlessly generate report generation and distribution process.

Partnership Accounting

Using our simplified workflow, you can manage Partnership Accounting with ease, including contributions, distributions, allocations and waterfall calculations.

Automatically synchronized with QuickBooks

All investor contacts, communication and transactions are automatically synchronized with QuickBooks, simplifying your accounting and investor communications workflows.