Business challenge

2GR was using the excel files to manage the investor data. In the rapidly growing business, it became very difficult to carryout complex accounting and reporting.


2GR engaged Vantage to deploy Vantage Investor and Vantage Insight applications.

Vantage Investor is a complete solution for investor CRM, marketing, accounting and reporting.
Vantage Insight provides flexible analysis for performance reporting across the enterprise to management, finance and via and investor portal.

Seamless reporting cycle using Vantage Investor and Vantage Insight

2GR Equity is a real estate investment firm with a singular focus of providing superior risk-adjusted returns to investors through direct investments in commercial properties. 2GR Equity invests in various property types with a concentration in the major Texas markets and a secondary focus on major markets in the Southwest. With more than 35 years of combined real estate and investment experience, the principals of the firm have participated in the origination of over $250 million of private placement investments.​

Business Benefits


investor report production

from 1 week to just a couple of hours


access for 500+ investors

better informs and reduces back-and-forth communications


automatically delivered

to investors via a secure investor portal with analytical capabilities

Keeping track of investors

It was difficult to keep track of and update investor account and contact info in one place. Accessing up-to date information on the go was a challenge.

Vantage Investor provides effortless marketing and servicing for current and prospective investors. Vantage Investor maintains complete investor profile information with comprehensive contact management, with 24×7 hour accessibility through a secure web-application.

Complex investor accounting

Capital Call and Distribution calculations were done in excel, a manual process that took significant time and subject to potential human error.

Vantage Investor provides automated partnership accounting to simplify capital accounting allocations including complex waterfall calculations. Excel import and export functionality enabled seamless integration with 2GR’s existing workflows. Data-entry quality and accuracy is ensured through a transaction approval processes.

Producing timely reports accessible to investors

Generating timely reports was difficult and inefficient. Significant amount of time and cost was spent in addressing investor reporting requests.

Vantage Investor provides streamlined report generation for capital calls, distribution letters and capital account statements to investors, as well as a myriad of internal reports for investor analysis and compliance.

Vantage Insight provides state-of-the-art graphical dashboard and reporting for a rich, intuitive, experience. Insight provides a sophisticated, world-class experience for investors with self-service analysis, reporting and a centralized repository for performance and attribution analysis by internal management and investment teams.